Mormon Boyz. These guys constantly search so nutritious, which can be maybe why is them therefore sexy.

Mormon Boyz. These guys constantly search so nutritious, which can be maybe why is them therefore sexy.

Series Review: Mormon Boyz’ “Elder Sorensen”

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12, 2017 january

The powerful mix of intercourse and religion that is strict seldom been as erotically portrayed because it’s when you look at the Elder Sorensen series from Mormon Boyz. Meet your wettest goals of this sacred and profane by using these eleven scenes that follow the story of a sinfully attractive mormon boy known as Elder Sorensen while he moves up through the ranks associated with the church.

Chapter One: Personal learn shows us the boy’s self-pleasuring that is furtive goes contrary to the guidelines of his spiritual teachings. He’s so horny it’s only his first day that he can’t resist, and. This might be likely to be a rough life he can’t keep his big, hard dick out of his hands… unless for him if…

Elder Sorensen learns that your order has unique plans for him in Chapter Two: Comp Study. He’s perhaps not likely to be residing a full life of chastity, as he discovers whenever his roomie, Elder Stewart, returns to relax and play with him!

Now that he understands just how things are likely to drop in their life being a missionary, Elder Sorensen is because of the task of seducing Elder Miller, a jock that is muscular more seniority into the purchase. Chapter Three: invite indicates that our newbie that is favorite missionary effective at topping and even though he’s merely a slide of the kid.

A rare chance to fuck him the bishop won’t let just any ordinary boy top him in chapters Chapter Four: Inspection, Elder Sorensen has caught the attention of Bishop Angus, who gives the twink. Bishop Angus is really so impressed that in Chapter Five: Priesthood Prep he brings Elder Sorensen to your temple and allows other males watch with toys, and anoints his rosebud with his own jizz as he inspects the boy’s virgin asshole, stretches it.

Things just take a change for the kinky after Elder Sorensen allows their newfound sexual prowess get to his small mind. He’s been fucking a lot of other twinks and today he’ll be penalized in Chapter Six: Disciplinary Action. Patriarch Smith subjects him to spanking and a shiny butt-stretching dildo that is black.

Now Elder Sorensen is finally willing to get fucked from the altar. In Chapter Seven: Initiation, Bishop Angus makes some ceremonial preparations because of the young missionary prior to the hot President Oaks is available in and breeds his unfucked opening in just what else position that is missionary.

Elder Sorensen’s account in your order can not be complete until he will pay for his sins. In Chapter Eight: 2nd Anointing, their opening gets a few more punishment from fingers and anal beads before he could be fucked once again and filled up with jizz.

President Nelson, whoever torso is ripped and tapers to a great v, gets their break at Elder Sorensen’s break before the child can advance. Chapter Nine: The Calling is obviously the young missionary’s greatest and a lot of enjoyable challenge up to now.

After having an of community service, elder sorensen wants to find out if elder ricci is as hugely hung as the rumors say day. When they’re alone when you look at the van, Sorensen makes their desires clear and Ricci has their curiosity that is own to. Two regarding the hottest Mormon males you’ve ever seen provide us with a memorable display in Chapter Ten: Office Elders.

Elder Sorensen has finally proven himself towards the purchase and they’re willing to welcome him in their ranks. Chapter Eleven: The Covenant is finally Sorensen’s moment to become listed on utilizing the purchase. President Oaks welcomes him with an additional scorching hot fuck in a ordinance room that is all-white.

If you’re as pervy as our company is, then your looked at a flavorsome Mormon child fucking their means up the ranks of the key purchase within the church should curently have you stiff!

The saga of Elder Sorensen is streaming solely at AEBN.

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